Weekly Pool Service

We show up.
We do our job well.
You sit back and Relax.
— Bluefish Pool and spa

What’s included with your weekly service?

  • Pool deck blown off

  • Tile scrubbed

  • Pool surface skimmed with fine silt nets

  • Floors vacuumed

  • Walls brushed

  • Skimmer and pump baskets emptied

  • Pool filter cleaned

  • Chemicals tested and balanced, (and salt levels monitored if applicable)

  • Mineral buildup and water levels monitored, and equipment pad kept clean

  • Full report including photo and any necessary notes via text or email.


Green pool cleanup

Not all algae is the same.

When getting rid of algae, it’s not only important to understand the type that your dealing with, but to identify the cause and know the proper treatment for long term solutions.

We are experts in green pool cleanups and have the knowledge to rid your pool of algae for good.

Crystal Clear Water by BlueFish Pool and Spa

Crystal Clear Water by BlueFish Pool and Spa